Carter G Woodson was the first to organi

Carter G Woodson was the first to organize “Negro History Week”, which eventually became Black History Month. Learn more here:

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Dinner with Dougie

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Dougie finishes off another 40 oz. at Lone Star with some of the library staff.

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Library Book Sale on Oct. 29 and 30th

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Can’t get enough of Harry

The adventures you go on with Harry and the gang are far more interesting than anything that happens in the ordinary world. We cling to all things fantastical; when Harry has to fight the dragon, or must confront Lord Voldemort face-to-face. These are the things I come back for every summer. I just can’t seem to get enough of that Harry Potter action. When you lead an ordinary life extraordinary things make it fun—even if they only happen on paper. You put yourself in the book; you live your life with Harry. What I think makes Harry’s story so relatable, is that—along with the extraordinary—they also face problems with things every teenager faces—relationships, school, friendships. While not many of us are being hunted by a dark wizard, many of us have faced feeling alone, in a new place or getting into a fight with our best friend. With these things that happen, it makes it easy to see yourself as Harry going through the craziness that is being a teenager. You slip into Harry’s world and fight battles with him. It is exciting, and nerve-wreaking; which makes the adventure so great. Every time I go back to the books and read them again, I read them from new perspectives and catch things that had happened, which I never realized before. It makes the journey seem new each time. Even if it is the same books, it is always a new me that gets to experience them. ~Brittany (Editor’s note—all Harry Potter books and movies are available at the Stewart Memorial Library.)

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I’m packing my bags…..


It has always been a dream of mine to go to a foreign country, especially one in Europe. I would hear of people’s experiences and see the numerous photos of places I could potentially travel to, which led me to become impatient sometimes. It was not until this past spring semester (‘14) that my dream was becoming a reality. I searched for multiple exchange programs where speaking Spanish was common, and I saw two. One of the programs was in Costa Rica and the other was in Spain. I thought that my chances of going to Latin America were greater than Europe, so I chose the Spain exchange.

In the fall (‘14) I will be a student at James I University (UJI) in Castellon, Spain and living with a host family. The application process was a little long; I had to fill out an application, wait for the acceptance letter, apply for a visa, and make sure that my medical benefits would cover me while in Spain. Then, choosing a host family was also a tough process since all families sounded like wonderful people: I chose a family that lives in walking distance of UJI. My host parents are in their early 50s and have three daughters in their mid to late 20s. One of the neat things about the place where I will be staying is that I am only 2 miles from the Mediterranean Ocean!! The selection of classes I was told to choose from was wide-ranging and had to choose some from one specific field, so I picked five from the media and communications department. Hopefully my 20 years of speaking Spanish will be helpful.

I am excited to say the least, and cannot wait until August 28th for my departure. The great thing about studying abroad in Spain is that there will be another student from Coe, whom I get along with fairly well. We have been communicating this summer composing a list of places to visit, and trying to figure out the little things before leaving (baggage, travel, etc.). It will be a fun filled experience, I cannot wait. ~Alexis (Editor’s note—Alexis worked for the library this summer.  I hope this Kohawk has a wonderful experience in Spain.

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Upcoming Book Sale

Coming up this fall the library will be having a book sale and would like to invite faculty students and members of the community to come and look though our collections of books donated by an assortment of people, with the chance of purchasing books for a great price. While looking briefly at some of the titles that will be in out upcoming sale; I have seen some of William Shakespeare’s classics, many books about travel and the world,  and quite a few books about art and art history. There are many other books that will be available during our sale and we hope to see you there. ~Gordon

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Why Libraries Matter: A day in the New York Public Library system

This fantastic short film helps capture the impact that libraries have on the lives of their users. If you have 10 minutes, it’s definitely worth watching!

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Google ads and you: want to opt out?

Google’s got a bright idea that users may not have heard about yet, if they missed the announcement last month

Last month, Google announced an update to their Terms of Service (TOS) that allows them to use aspects of your Google+ profile for targeted ads.  Which means what?  It means that Google could use your name, picture, and reviews you’ve given in ads targeted to people in your Google contacts or Google+ circles.  It also means that if you’re over 18, your face will start popping up in other folks’ searches for “doing anything from leaving a YouTube comment to starring something in Google Play to giving it the +1 treatment.”

So let’s say you’re not interested in the review of the local Thai joint popping up when an acquaintance you’ve emailed once or twice searches for good local Thai food. Can you avoid having your likeness used? The answer, fortunately, is “yes.” All you have to do is opt out via this link while you are logged into your Google account. Then go ahead and click the option to not have aspects of your profile used in this way and SAVE.

Situations like this are why it’s important to read the TOS set forth by websites and online communities in which you participate. Companies purposely try to make TOS long so that people avoid reading the whole thing; by making it more onerous to read, companies are betting that you will just click “I agree” in order to gain access to a resource, and are also betting that you won’t care much about future changes due to your usage of the site/product at a future date. Make sure you take time to educate yourself on what companies are doing with data, and what rights you’re signing away when clicking that agreement box on a TOS!

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Lost – A TV Series Review

Chances are, you know someone (or know someone who knows someone) who watched Lost. Most likely, you’ve heard people complain about how confusing it is, how dumb it got near the end of the show, etc etc. Despite all of the problems Lost does have, I can tell you that it is one of the most artfully made shows of our generation.
In case you don’t know, the show revolves around a group of survivors of flight 815, who crash on a mysterious island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The island is far from ordinary and the survivors are faced with challenges extending far beyond the usual detail for one stuck on a tropical island. Flashbacks allow us to get the know characters backstory, and we become very closely acquainted with characters like Jack, a surgeon who quickly takes on a leadership role but is dealing with some deep seated family issues.
The show spans six seasons, jam packed full of new characters, new storylines and an unbelievable amount of plot twists. But what makes the show truly exceptional is the way the characters develop and change. Truly good television has the ability to show us that we are all capable of being “the bad guy” and “the good guy” sometimes at the same time. Lost displays the complexities of human nature, wrapped up with some very complex timey-wimey stuff and a lot of breaking the laws of physics. Also, it’s super addicting. Super, duper addicting. If your curiosity is getting the best of you and you’re dying to watch, you’re in luck- the library owns all six seasons! Good luck and happy watching! Whitni S.

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Reading Day Massages

Doesn’t this look like a great way to take a break?

As the end of the semester approaches, and it starts to finally feel like spring, library staff would like to announce that the library will be offering chair massages as a stress-buster for students as they prepare for their finals on Reading Day. The chair massages will be Friday, May 2, from 10 AM-3 PM. Massages will each be 10 minutes long, and they will be free! So how do you get one, and what’s the catch?

-Sign up will start at 9 AM on Tuesday, April 29.
-You go to the Reference Desk to sign up.
-Only current Coe students are eligible to receive a free massage
-You must come in person to sign up (no signing up for a group of friends, or by phone/email.)
-The day of the massages, you must check in 5 minutes prior to your massage. If you do not check in prior to your massage, you are liable to lose your spot to students on the waiting list.

If this appeals to you as you wind down the semester, come by the library to sign up on Tuesday. Odds are your muscles could use some pampering, after a year of hauling around heavy books. We’ll miss you this summer while you’re gone (even if you don’t necessarily miss us.) Have a wonderful summer!

-Katelyn, Head of Reference

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